What is World Chess?

What is World Chess?

World Chess is a London-based media company that develops and commercializes chess. It’s an official broadcaster and commercial partner of the International Chess Federation (FIDE). World Chess organized the FIDE Championship Matches in Russia, the USA, and the UK, and revolutionized chess by signing the biggest media partnerships in the history of the sport. World Chess develops Armageddon, the chess league for prime-time television. In 2020, the company introduced FIDE Online Arena, the exclusive official online gaming platform.

To find out more about FIDE Online Arena and choose a subscription plan, check this artticle.

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    • Am I going to get a FIDE account and FIDE ID if I create a World Chess account?

      No. Your World Chess account will not be connected to FIDE unless you get your FIDE ID. FIDE ID is a unique identifying number. FIDE ID allows you to participate in FOA-rated and FIDE (over the board) rated tournaments. If you've never been assigned ...
    • What is FIDE Online Arena? Where do I start?

      FIDE Online Arena is the exclusive online chess gaming platform recognized by FIDE and the only chess site in the world where players can play for the official online ratings and receive online titles. The FIDE Online Arena is fun and useful for both ...
    • How can I change my password?

      To change your password, please click on the "Sign in" button in the right upper corner of https://chessarena.com/, type in your email address, and click on "Reset password". If you are already logged in, you can also click on you profile picture, go ...