What is disconnection?

What is disconnection?

If you see the pink "disconnected" notification, it means you're disconnected and can't continue to play, receive alerts, or chat. This happens when you have another Arena page open in another window. You should just close all windows except for the one of your current interest, then press "reconnect" and continue using the platform.
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    • I have lost a game to a disconnection

      Such errors are common for those players who switch from one window to another during the game or have a bad internet connection. Please make sure your internet connection is stable before the game starts and do not leave the page during the game.
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      This is called lag compensation. Lag is a term indicating the tendency for delay of a particular Internet connection. More lag means a longer time is required for a player's moves to be communicated to the game server, which can make it seem as ...
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            The system automatically considers that the player has left the game due to a bad internet connection or if the player was switching between the windows. If you are sure that none of these cases has something to do with your game, this might be ...