What if I have lost the game due to a technical issue?

What if I have lost the game due to a technical issue?

      The system automatically considers that the player has left the game due to a bad internet connection or if the player was switching between the windows. If you are sure that none of these cases has something to do with your game, this might be a system bag. If so, we appreciate your patience and understanding. New FIde Online Arena is a new, actively developing platform. Unfortunately, there are still technical errors, and we are actively working to identify and eliminate them. We are very pleased that you joined us early and we are doing everything possible to ensure that the platform will work smoothly very soon.

      You are welcome to contact support@worldchess.com any time to report a bug. However, we strongly recommend using the "report bug" form, so your feedback goes directly to our IT Department. If your game history was damaged due to a bug, our arbitrator will consider your case.

Please also mind you might mistake a technical issue for a lag. To find out more about lag compensation, visit this page.
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      Such errors are common for those players who switch from one window to another during the game or have a bad internet connection. Please make sure your internet connection is stable before the game starts and do not leave the page during the game.
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