I am don't have a national id due to my age, can I become a PRO member?

I am don't have a national id due to my age, can I become a PRO member?

Yes! Our aim is to make chess available for everyone. FIDE Online Arena welcomes players of all ages. To become a PRO member, click on "Become a member" and follow the instructions. When you get to the selfie stage, just add a picture of yourself and finalise your request. Don't worry If you can't provide us with ID yet due to your age, instead just send a consent from your parent or trustee to support@worldchess.com as soon as you complete your verification process. We'll email you if we have any questions.
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    • How can I pay for a PRO Membership?

      If you are already a member and wish to upgrade your subscription to PRO, please go to the “Membership” page and change your subscription plan to Pro-account and follow the instructions.  If you are new and wish to purchase a PRO membership, please ...
    • What is PRO membership?

      PRO Membership on FOA is for those who want to play online-rated games and work towards getting their FIDE Online Arena Titles recognized by FIDE. Playing rated games gives you a start in professional chess. Here is where you can buy a subscription.
    • How to cancel the auto renewal of my subscription?

      To cancel the automatic renewal of your current subscription please do the following:   1. Log in to your account
. 2. Go to your profile by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner 3. Click on "Membership". You will be directed to your ...
    • What is FIDE ID verification?

      The FIDE ID verification is a FIDE-approved personal data verification process, mandatory for all new paid members of the platform. Once you've filled in all your personal information during registration and attached a photo with your ID, we will ...
    • Can you reassign me with my original FIDE ID?

      Yes! A chess player should only have one FIDE ID, so we strongly encourage you to contact support@worldchess.com with the following details:  ​ Your email address, with which you registered on FOA Your current FIDE id on FOA Your original FIDE id ...