How can I find my profile at

How can I find my profile at

After verification of your account, your profile synchronizes automatically with To find your profile at, please go to the website and type your FIDE ID in the search box in the right upper corner. To find your FIDE ID number please click on your profile picture at, then on "Info & Bio".
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    • Can you reassign me with my original FIDE ID?

      Yes! A chess player should only have one FIDE ID, so we strongly encourage you to contact with the following details:  ​ Your email address, with which you registered on FOA Your current FIDE id on FOA Your original FIDE id ...
    • What is FIDE ID verification?

      The FIDE ID verification is a FIDE-approved personal data verification process, mandatory for all new paid members of the platform. Once you've filled in all your personal information during registration and attached a photo with your ID, we will ...
    • Should I choose "I already have FIDE ID" upon registration?

      Yes! The FIDE ID is a unique identifying number assigned to each player by FIDE. It does not matter where and how you've obtained it. The FIDE ID is unified for both otb and online FIDE-rated activities.
    • Why do we request a picture of you and your ID?

      According to our Privacy Policy and FIDE Regulations, we are unable to proceed with the verification of your account unless you provide us with a picture of yourself holding your passport. We need to be sure that a player's profile corresponds to a ...
    • I am don't have a national id due to my age, can I become a PRO member?

      Yes! Our aim is to make chess available for everyone. FIDE Online Arena welcomes players of all ages. To become a PRO member, click on "Become a member" and follow the instructions. When you get to the selfie stage, just add a picture of yourself and ...